Bashundhara Cement Technical Seminar held in Gazipur

Participants pose for photo at the Bashundhara Cement Technical Seminar held in Gazipur on Saturday.

Participants pose for photo at the Bashundhara Cement Technical Seminar held in Gazipur on Saturday.

A seminar styled ‘Bashundhara Cement Technical Seminar’ was held at a local hotel in Gazipur on Saturday under the aegis of Bashundhara Cement.

The engineers of Engineering Consulting Association (ECA) of Gazipur participated in the technical seminar, with ECA Gazipur President Engineer Tahsin Uddin Ahmed as the chief guest.

ECA Finance Secretary Engr Md Jahangir Kabir, Assistant Secretary ABM Zillur Rahman as well as consultants and engineers took part in the seminar.

The seminar was also attended by the proprietors of Messrs Rawshan Enterprise Md Abdul Mannan and Md Al Amin and the proprietor of Messrs Onnesha Touhidul Islam (Mujibur).

On behalf of Bashundhara Group, Engr Saroj Kumar Barua, Manager, Bashundhara Group; Polash Akhter, Regional Sales Manager, Cement Sector, Bashundhara Group; and other high officials attended the seminar.

Polash Akter delivered the welcome address at the seminar.

Lauding Bashundhara Cement for organising this seminar, ECA Gazipur President Engr Tahsin Uddin Ahmed said that he hoped to visit Bashundhara Cement Factory to gather firsthand knowledge about the modern technology like the vertical rolling mill being used in the factory.

The ECA secretaries also spoke on the occasion.

Saroj Kumar Barua presented a pictorial report on various issues like cement manufacturing technology, gradual development of the technology, nature and characteristics of cement that is available in the market and usage of different kinds of cement for various purposes.

He also focused on the utility and effectiveness of Blast Furnace Slag as an ingredient.

The seminar dwelt on Bashundhara Cement and its special features such as long-term durability, resistance to harmful sulphur and chloride as well as generation of lesser heat during hydration.

Various types of cracks in concrete also came up for discussion.

The seminar concluded that Bashundhara Cement is most suitable for the coastal belt of the country.