Bashundhara donation gives Abed Ali hope for life


Life is short but it often gets shorter due to some fatal diseases. Many lack financial ability to fight the diseases; such is the case for Md. Abed Ali, a poor driver whose life is at stake owing to heart valves damage. Bashundhara Foundation, an organization of the Bashundhara Group has come forward to help him by shouldering expenses of the valve transplantation.

Md. Abed Ali is the only earning member of his family whose sickness left the family in uncertainty. He was admitted in the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases immediately after he felt serious chest pain. After successive medical investigations cardiologists confirmed malfunction of his heart valves and suggested immediate valve transplantation.

Md. Abed Ali lost hope for life when the cost of the valve transplantation was announced. Having no source of money his wife started seeking help from the able people of the society. When the Hon’ble Chairman of the Bashundhara Group Ahmed Akbar Sobhan came to know about the condition of Md. Abed Ali, he immediately took the medication responsibilities of him.

The Sr. Executive Director (A & F) Moynal Hossain Chowdhury handed over the cheque to Parvin on behalf of the Cghairman of the Bashundhara Group.

Bashundhara Group has always been there for the helpless people. Out of corporate social responsibility Bashundhara Group has created the Bashundhara Foundation to help the poor and helpless people.

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