Bashundhara Group in Dhaka International Trade Fair.

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Trade fair followed by film festivals and book fair gives Dhaka a festive look. The 15th Dhaka International Trade Fair has been attracting the people for nearly a month. The overflow of the crowd in the fair is the testimony of its success. The organizers have expressed that the course of the fair had met their expectations.

Visitors are overwhelmed by the magnificence of the pavilions. Among the pavilions the pavilion of the Bashundhara Group, following the previous years, is highly appreciated by the visitors and the organizers. They were awarded with a prize for attractive pavilion in 2002 and they are in the race this year also. The fair is organized every year with a view to introducing the local products to the international buyers. The foreign traders have come in plenty to take part in the fair, which proves that they are getting interested in our products day by day.

The colorful and well designed pavilions and stalls attract the people from all walks of life. A very positive fact is that in spite of the presence of the renowned foreign traders, the visitors are crowding in the local stalls and pavilions giving us hope for our economical growth. Visitors’ interest in the local products encourages the producers to expand their business. The traders and the business groups of the country take this chance to promote new products. One of the largest business conglomerates of the country Bashundhara Group wants to introduce their new products with the consumers. One of the representatives of the group explained, “We already have attain the confidence of the consumers with the quality of our products. Now to meet the demand of the consumers, we are going to bring more products in the market. Our target is to satisfy the consumers with better quality and least price”.

Bashundhara Group has come here not only to sell their products but also to pave the way for their new consumer products. Bashundhara Group is going to enter the consumer market very soon and depending on their goodwill they hope to get good response from the consumers. Bashundhara Group is a legendary name in housing business. People rely on them a lot. In the 15th DITF, they have got a huge response from the people who booked plots in the development projects of the East West Properties Development.

Most of the visitors in the fair are students but on the holidays people come with their family. Sazzad Ahmed, a student of Dhaka University, said, “I love to spend time with my friends and this is a great occasion to spend time here.” The housewives consider this fair as good opportunity to buy their daily needs. Tahmina Akter lives in Mirpur. She came with her daughter to visit the fair. “It’s a very good opportunity for us to buy different things from one place. As the traders wants to promote .

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