Bashundhara Stall Surprises the visitors in the Book Fair.


Ekush is our pride. Every year the biggest book fair of the country is held at Bangla Academy premises in the month of historic February to honor the martyrs of our Language Movement. The Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the month long fair on the first day of February.

All prominent and emerging publications wait for this fair to introduce the readers with the taste of new writings. This year the number of publication of the books broke all the records of the past. Book lovers are thronging the fair everyday. The huge crowd and so much new books in the fair delight both the publishers and the book lovers. Many come to buy their desired books but the high price of the books restrains them. When asked, the publishers said that the high price of paper in the market resulted in rising the cost price of the book.

High tax on paper raises the price of the books, but the problem can be solved with the use of quality local paper. Bangladesh is now producing high quality paper that can challenge the imported paper. Bashundhara paper of the Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited is one of the leading producers in Bangladesh that provides high quality paper at a very low price. The visitors in the fair are surprised to find the stall of the Bashundhara Group. Bashundhara Group comes to the fair with different papers of their sister concern Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited. They are displaying and selling their paper and paper products. People can buy retail products from the stall at dealer price.

“We are getting very good response from the visitors. Though all of them are not buying, they are interested about this paper. They look satisfied to get high quality paper at comparatively low price”, said a representative of the Bashundhara Group in the fair. The only headache of the book lovers and the publishers in this festival is the price of the books. They urge that if the Govt. reduce the tax on paper and encourage the local producers the prices will gradually fall down. It is a crying need of the publication industry of the country.

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