Korean delegation at BG Chairman’s House

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Korean delegation at BG Chairman’s House
Ventures in shipbuilding, power & water-logging welcomed

March 17, 2010: – A seven-member high-powered trade and technical delegation from Republic of Korea met the Managing Director of the Bashundhara Group (BG), leading industrial and business conglomerate in the country, at its Chairman’s House yesterday.

Member of the National Assembly, Deputy Floor Leader and Member of the House Steering Committee, Chairman of the National Assembly Group on Future Growth of Engineering Industry and Member of the Special Committee on Future Strategy, Science and Technology Mr. Lee Jong Heuk led the Korean delegation.

Dr. Yeong Soo Lee of Department of Advertisement and Public Relation at Snilla University, General Manager of Kwang In Printing Company Limited Mr. Jong Hyun Kim, Chief Secretary and Member of the National Assembly Mr. Kang Sung Dae, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hyun Tech Elevator Company Limited Mr. Kim Deoge – Ho, Directors of the Asia Pacific Communication Media Limited Mr. Geon Jong Hwan and Mr. Cho Woo were the members of the delegation.

Managing Director of the Bashundhara Group Mr. Sayem Sobhan welcomed the delegation at the Chairman’s House.

Managing Director of the Bashundhara Group Mr. Sayem Sobhan led the BG team. Senior Deputy Managing Director Mr. Belayet Hossain, Chief Advisor to the BG Mahbub Morshed Hasan, Advisor to the BG AR Rashidee, Advisor Press & Media Mohammad Abu Tayeb and Director Media and Business Relation Development Colonel (Retd) Khondkar Abdul Wahed were among the BG dignitaries.

The Korean delegation proposed collaborations in a number of fields like mega-constructions, city-planning, renewable energy, nuclear power plant, satellite power plant, carbon dioxide neutralization, water logging solutions and emission of greenhouse gas reduction.

They also claimed that the Korean renewable energy projects in Turkey, China and United Arab Emirates had acquired wide spread acclamation from all quarters and wished to work on the similar projects here in Bangladesh. “Korean National Company is ready to provide necessary support in water-logging solutions,” Mr. Lee Jong Heuk said.

Managing Director of the Bashundhara Group Mr. Sayem Sobhan gave patient hearing to the Korean delegation and the narration of the success stories. He welcomed the Korean entrepreneurs to invest in the country’s power, basic infrastructure, water-logging solutions and shipbuilding sectors. He also lauded the country’s investment climate and the future potentials.

Mr. Sayem Sobhan said that shipbuilding industry would soon be the largest sector in the country under the heavy industrial enterprise category. Relatively cheaper workforce and easy access to the resources are the secrets of speculated potentials of this industry.

The BG Managing Director also expressed interest in power generation mainly by satellite power stations, water-logging solutions and in the area of renewable energy.

Denouncing the responsibility of unabated emission of carbon dioxide in the air by Bangladesh and the other developing nations, he sought more attention of the developed nations on this issue for saving the planet from man-made disasters.

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