Sayem Sobhan Anvir meets Obama’s adviser

Sayem Sobhan Anvir MD of Bashundhara Group with Dr. Nina Ahmed

The Managing Director (MD) of Bashundhara Group Sayem Sobhan Anvir on Tuesday met with Dr. Nina Ahmed, US President Barrack Obama’s adviser to Asia-America affairs.

The courtesy meeting was held at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania on Thursday afternoon (local time). Naeem Nizam, editor of the most circulated Bangla daily in country ‘Bangladesh Pratidin’ was present in the meeting.

US President’s adviser Nina Ahmed said, “The businessmen from Bangladesh in the United States can run their export business as well as they can take the stores for running business also here. At the same time, they can also take the opportunity to get permanent residence in the United States after investing a certain amount of capital”.

“It is the time for the Bangladeshi expatriates to get involved in mainstream politics in the United States. She talked about the advantages of Bangladeshi businessmen in the United States.

Dr Nina said, “It surprised me that Bangladesh is moving forward despite immense hardship and crises”. At the time, the Managing Director (MD) of Bashundhara Group Sayem Sobhan told her that the businessmen of Bangladesh are also the part of government’s development programmes.

Managing Director of Bashundhara group also met the Chairman of the Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence committee and Financial Services Committee member Congressman Peter King (Republican) last week.